About Us

The Element is a collaborative of individual creative thinkers who share a common passion for visual storytelling. Since 1998 we have indulged our passion for Film & Advertising through our work with incredible creative teams that have shaped our perspective and allowed us to implement some memorable campaigns.  We look forward to a future that will challenge us to be better storytellers realising the vision of the new creative minds who will paint a brand new landscape full of fresh ideas.

Meet the Team

Online Editor

Lisa Heeran

Head of Graphics

Stephen Bowen

Senior Off-line Editor

Amy O'Connell

Head of VFX

Diarmuid Kelly

Head of Sound

Dave Hughes

Senior Producer

John Sullivan

Director of Post Production

Chriona O'Sullivan


Natalia Witkowska


Kathleen O'Callaghan


Bernard Rogan

Assistant Editor

Hugh Noonan


Ciara Kirwan

Sound Mixer

Alisson Vines

Assitant Editor

Rebekah Long

Sound Mixer

Robb Flynn