John arriving on set from Gogglebox…….!


John Sullivan, the Exec Producer of Wannabe, found his way to us here in Element

after ten years of commercial production in Dublin, a year in post in London

and a small stint in Stringfellows somewhere along the way.

Madonna saved him on ‘The Red Chair’ during her Graham Norton Show special and he walked from that to

The Point (it will always be The Point) where he danced on stage with Britney Spears.

His previous productions include Virgin Media, Vodafone, Coors, Concern to name but a few.

He appears weekly on GoggleBox Ireland with his best friend Dave but he doesn’t like to talk about it.

He lets the various press clippings that adorn his desk & our reception speak for themselves.


16 Fitzwilliam Square East
Dublin 2


Phone: +353 1 6621030.  Mob: 087 910 8336